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Affordable Housing in Safe Neighborhoods for All

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Do you feel stuck in a futile search for ‘affordable’ housing? A growing number of Americans now earn too much money to qualify for low-income housing credits, yet can’t afford to rent or buy ahome at market price. America’s home builders are venturing into this market, turning these ‘middlemen’ into homeowners. They form partnerships with [...]

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Impact Fees

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In recent, years, the use of impact fees has been spreading across the country. An idea that originated in Florida and California as a novel way to finance infrastructure has mushroomed. Once impact fees became rooted in these two areas, it did not take long for other municipalities around the United States to see the [...]

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Know How to Protect Your Property from Damage Caused by Natural Disasters

By | 2017-05-03T11:17:31+00:00 April 23rd, 2014|Consumer Info|

The following are some preventative steps communities, businesses and homeowners can take to reduce property and casualty loss caused by natural disasters. Identifying potential hazards ahead of time can reduce the dangers of serious injury or loss. [heading size="6"]Floods[/heading] Elevate homes in flood-prone areas. N Elevate the main breaker or fuse box, and any heating, [...]

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Preventative Maintenance

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Car owners understand the necessity of having their vehicle maintained so it runs properly and lasts a long time. Like regularly changing the oil in your car, preventative maintenance to your house will help the materials used to build it last longer and avoid extensive repair projects. And, just like properly maintaining your car is [...]

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Glossary of Home Improvement Terms

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Before you nail down your next home improvement project, learn the lingo. These common terms and definitions may help you avoid miscommunications with your contractor.   Allowance A specific dollar amount allocated by a contractor for specified items in a contract for which brand, model number, color, size or other detail is not yet known. A [...]

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