The Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago

Members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago and their companies believe and affirm that:

  • The paramount responsibility of each Member is to their customers, fellow members, the general public, and the communities in which they work; proceeding with straightforwardness, honesty, integrity, and fairness; providing housing and functional design and sound craftsmanship, and incorporating high standards of health, safety, and sanitation so that each home is an asset to its owner and to the community in which it is located.
  • Each member shall act professionally, making good faith efforts to meet contractual, moral and ethical obligations and commitments regarding their business activities.
  • Each member has the responsibility to keep informed regarding all laws, regulations, public policies, production and manufacturing processes, and any other essential information which affects their business interests and those of the housing industry.
  • In the best interests of society, of their associates, and of their own business, Members shall be loyal to the Association and shall refrain from engaging in activities which are counter-productive to the work of the association and the interests of the housing industry.
  • No Member shall attempt to injure with malicious intent, either directly or indirectly, the professional reputation, customer prospects, business, or employment of another member of the Association; nor shall they indiscriminately criticize another member’s work in public.
  • No Member shall seek an unfair advantage over fellow members.
  • Members shall willingly share lessons of non-proprietary study and experience.
  • Each Member shall conduct their business in an ethical way so as to avoid controversies between members; and should any such controversy arise, first seek to resolve such controversy through the Association’s dispute resolution procedures.

A Member believing another Member is engaging in misconduct or illegal activity or has violated the letter or spirit of this Code is encouraged to present the information to the Ethics Committee.

Members assume these responsibilities freely and solemnly, and are mindful that they are part of the obligations of members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago.