Using Social Media to Sell More Houses

By: Ryan Siebert CEO Of SG Home Builders

When you say the words social media to a group of home builders most of their faces twinge in terror.  Let’s face it most home Builders today are of a unique generation that stood strong through the housing crisis.  This means that they built their careers the old school way, good relationships, quality work, and referrals.  As a millennial I agree that the foundation of your business in the home building industry will come from your relationship building skills.  However, there are ways to generate business through social media, and today I am going to share a few ideas with you.  


Three ways to use social media to sell more homes:

1 – Pictures and Videos – 

Ask anyone you know when the last time they found their self distracted watching a cat play with a laser pointer, or a baby laughing on a video.  My guess is they will say within the last week. Our minds today struggle to stay focused on any one thing for more than 10 seconds.  However these videos and pictures of seemingly useless information often cause us to slow down and lose focus.  If you can figure out how to captivate your audience with compelling pictures of your work and videos detailing your craftsmanship and knowledge you can capture that attention.  For my two cents the key is to be consistent with the content.  If you post one video and expect your phone to start ringing to sell more houses then don’t waist your time. 

2 – Be an Information Leader

All of that great information that you have in your head from being a builder for many years is useless if you can’t get it out to your potential clients. Show them how lucky you know. As a millennial myself I very rarely pick up the phone to make a purchase. I want to make sure I review the product knowledge, and research the company to make sure they are active today version having an old website.  If you can provide knowledge based posts,  blogs, and how to videos to your fans through social media then you will become the known source for home building expertise. 

3 – Own It!

You are your business. If you are afraid to let your clients see who you are, then you are dead wrong to think they will get to know you through a few Facebook posts and twitter updates.  

“Starting on a new house…” good for you! 

Let your clients know who you are. Get in front of a camera. Show them what you are passionate about.  If it is the detailed budgets show me the details.  If it is the incomparable detail work of your tile and trim finishes, let us know.  Your clients want to know who you are, and you have an unbelievable opportunity through social media to show them for little to no cost.  Don’t be shy, just do it.  And for Petes sake be yourself, your selling homes not trying to get a job on HGTV.  

I love social media, but at the end of the day it is a rabbit hole that you can get sucked into and never come back.  Do the simple things, post regularly, and make sure you don’t try to do it all at once or you will end up frustrated.  

Good luck on your next home building project, be sure to post some pics while you are on site.