Gene Browne, founder/CEO of Ireland-based The City Bin Company wrote, “There are plenty of awards out there once you start looking for them. We have won 15 awards over the past 15 years. For me, awards send distinct messages to three constituent groups:

Employees – it lets them know they are with a progressive company that are doing something right
Customers – it subtly reinforces that they have made the right decision by choosing your company, and
Competitors – it sends them a message that you have ‘pulled even further away from the pack’ and they have an even harder job now to catch up.”

Have your head of marketing identify various awards you can win and get your head of operations to drive the application process. Hire an outsourced writer if needed to help complete – they can interview you and write up the application.

The Key Awards

The Key Awards recognize excellence in housing design, architecture, interior merchandising, landscaping, landscape architecture and remodeling. Other recognition is given for innovation and creativity through the Crystal Key.  Categories recently added to the Key Awards include club houses and lobbies.  An award is also given for the community of the year. In 2017, Woman of the Year in Construction award was added to the Key Awards.

Enter the Key Awards Now

The SAMMY Awards

The SAMMY Awards Committee plans the Sales And Marketing Merchandising Yearly awards that recognize outstanding achievement in advertising, public relations and merchandising in the Home Building and Remodeling Industry. This event is held in combination with the Key Awards.

The Million Dollar Awards

The Million Dollar Awards Committee plans and organizes the annual event to recognize the new home sales professionals of builder members that have sold more than $1 million dollars in new homes. Awards are also given annually to the Sales Person of the Year, Sales Team of the Year, Sales Executive of the Year, and Rookie of the Year. This event, which is traditionally held in November, attracts nearly 1,100 industry professionals and is one of the industry’s biggest nights.

The Court of Honor

The Court of Honor was officially created in 1987. The objective of the Court of Honor is to recognize both builder and associate members who have made sustained contributions to HBAGC in establishing and maintaining the Association’s high standard of service to Chicagoland’s home building industry. The Court of Honor remains an integral part of the HBAGC and consists of over 80 legends who have given their time and talent to make this Association proud.

The responsibility of the Court of Honor Committee shall be to recognize and honor current and past members of HBAGC who, throughout their years of membership, have consistently upheld and significantly enhanced HBAGC’s high standards of service to the Home Building industry in the territorial jurisdiction of HBAGC. The Committee meets twice a year to solicit nominations to the Court of Honor. A candidate for the Court of Honor must receive the affirmative vote of two thirds of the members of the Committee for induction into the Court of Honor. There is an Induction Ceremony celebrating this High Honor.

If you would like to nominate a member CLICK HERE.

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