What Can NAHB Do for You?

What can NAHB do for you

By Scott Sevon GMR, GMB, CGP, CGR, CAPS


My involvement with our State Association and our National Association started many years ago. At first it was very intimidating to go to meetings without knowing someone, but I always found a local or national mentor willing to guide me through the meetings and answering my many questions. Kind of like the grand kids that keep asking “why? Why? Whats that?”  No matter how much I was overwhelmed, they helped me eased into many committees, ones that either energized me or that I thought could better my firm and myself to be a better builder-remodeler. The classes I took and designations I earned have also helped grow our firm. And after only a few years I realized the many benefits of my many mentors that I now call friends are a phone call or email away that could act as my BOD and answer my business or building questions or guide me to the correct department or person at State or national. Heck my contracts-trades agreements-knowledge of what is happening through out the country and if there new regulations hitting us and how to handle them is so great, I receive calls from members throughout the states for help.  I give it to them freely because of the camaraderie we have established by being involved at both he State and National levels.  I honestly could go on for the next hour telling the benefits of working with NAHB.

NAHB benefits

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